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Interview with Bellatrix

Bellatrix First Women InterviewOur interview with Bellatrix, the UK’s first professional female beatboxer and first woman to win the world championships went out as a live Twinterview in October this year.


We found the format perfectly suited Bella’s snappy, insightful personality. In ‘140 characters or less’ she shared what life has taught her about female achievement.


@FirstWomenUK Why did it take so long for a woman to enter the BB champs?

@Bellatrix_Music It can be tough for women in male dominated spaces. Still something I’m fighting to address in the champs

@FirstWomenUK  what three personal qualities helped you achieve your first?

@Bellatrix_Music  Boldness, willingness to step into the unknown, an open and playful attitude.

@FirstWomenUK  how do you deal with prejudice?

@Bellatrix_Music I try to forgive & start conversations to inspire people to think and educate themselves. Failing that I grow fangs & wreak havoc!

@FirstWomenUK  what female qualities really helped you get to your first?

@Bellatrix_Music I tend not to attribute human qualities to gender. Maybe that’s something that helped me get my 1st.

@FirstWomenUK  how important is it for women to celebrate what they achieve for themselves?

@Bellatrix_Music Very! 2 often we are still in men’s shadow. This 2ndary citizen rubbish is engrained We must claim our greatness

@FirstWomenUK  who inspired you to strive?

@Bellatrix_Music Hope1 (Aus) the 1st female BB I heard & Butterscotch (USA) who won the 1st ever female world beatbox champs

@FirstWomenUK  how did they manage to do that?

@Bellatrix_Music knowing somewhere there were other girls doing it too made it real for me. We were all teens at the time!

@FirstWomenUK  who were the first women in music that you looked up to – and why?

@Bellatrix_Music Bjork,Kate Bush Erykah Badu – they are all ultra vibrant artists neither hypersexualised, nor dumbed-down

@FirstWomenUK  what could every man learn from a woman?

@Bellatrix_Music By tuning into the women in their lives, men could learn responsibility for their privilege in the world & create change

@FirstWomenUK  how do you choose a good mentor?

@Bellatrix_Music I find unlikely mentors; often people I struggle with, revealing parts of myself I should work on!

@FirstWomenUK  what could every woman learn from a man?

@Bellatrix_Music   How to grow a beard


Find out more about First Woman, Bellatrix at: http://www.bellatrixmusic.co.uk/

Follow Bella at Twitter: @Bellatrix_Music 

And First Women: @FirstWomenUK

Interview by Deborah Willimott

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