Over 135,000 visitors so far!

First Women In Leicester – the first week in pictures!

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Hundreds of visitors so far, 5 storey high First Women, the launch of an inspiring government initiative plus a fantastic space to show the 100 portraits (above the dinosaur exhibit and next door to the Egyptian mummies.) Hello Leicester!

With opening speeches by the assistant City Mayor, Deputy City Mayor and the Head of Arts and Museums, plus attendance by Firsts Ruth Reed and Christine Duffin, our Leicester run looks set to be another First Women success!

Big Thanks to Chris, Harjeet and the team at New Walk for all your help in bringing First Women to Leicester and thanks to Beth Walsh, Matt Short and John O’Grady for the opening night photographs.

The show is now on and runs until October 27th 2019 – FREE ENTRY so catch it if you can!

Watch the ITV Central News coverage here 

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