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Leicester City Council launches ground-breaking project at First Women opening

Education, diversity and change are values we hold dear at the First Women project. So we were delighted when Leicester City Council decided that the First Women exhibition opening night was the perfect moment to announce their new ‘Women Talking, City Listening’ initiative.

The initiative – that has received over £90,000 of central Government funding – acknowledges that despite considerable change for women and their empowerment over the last 100 years, so much more needs to be done.
‘Women Talking, City Listening’ was launched by the Assistant City Mayor, counsellor Rita Patel. It will collate information gathered from talking with women across the city of Leicester in 2019 and 2020, and will report directly to the City Mayor and government.

It’s goals? The ways in which women can be more effectively supported and to better understand the issues facing them today.

Local women will be able to get involved via workshops, forums, fun days, surveys and more.
For more information https://www.leicester.gov.uk/your-council/how-we-work/equality-and-diversity/women-talking-city-listening/

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