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Future Firsts

The next 100?

First Women UK is an ever-growing project. Female pioneers continue to inspire us and we want to celebrate and mark their achievements in order to encourage and educate present and future generations.

Who would you nominate as one of the next phase of 100 female ‘Firsts’?

In the book provided, write your suggested woman’s name, her ‘first’ and any other information about her and help launch the next wave of the project!

Support the ongoing work of the First Women UK project!

First Women UK is a not-for-profit project created not only to celebrate and document women making history but to safeguard every young person’s right to be a pioneer within their own lives.

We currently receive no Government funding, so public donations and sponsorship are essential to travel this exhibition around the UK and Europe to inspire more people. Contributions also fund the ‘Future Firsts’ and educational project offshoots currently in development.

We need as much support as possible to continue to reach the hearts and minds of those committed to being a ‘first’ within their own lives – however that manifests itself.
It is our intention to continue to deliver inspiring, creative messages of equality and opportunity in service to the generations that come after us.

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