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  • Marking the 100th year of Women’s Suffrage (6th February 2018) To mark the anniversary of the centenary of women’s ‘right to vote’ , photographer Anita Corbin officially unveils her empowering 10 year project documenting 100 pioneering 21st Century women who have achieved the landmark title ‘First Woman’ across a range of disciplines including sport, media, military, faith, business, arts, music and politics. Ordinary women achieving extraordinary things. [...]

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  • As part of the 2018 celebrations we have a range of corporate packages available including, sponsorship, media partnerships and exclusive events. Our sponsorship opportunities are for the world premier exhibition and UK tour primarily, but we are also interested in connecting with organisations that would fund the education arm of First Women UK or become annual donors. It is important to us that we actively collaborate with our sponsors so that we have an organic relationship. We want to [...]


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