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  • Betty Boothroyd
      Lady Boothroyd, whom we were ever proud to call our patron, has passed away aged 93. The First Woman to be made speaker in the House of Commons, her distinctive voice kept order amongst errant MPs for eight years. Lady Boothroyd was elected in 1992, ending a run of over 700 years of males in the role. No woman has held the role since. We were honoured when, after a portrait session at the House, Anita spontaneously decided to ask Lady Boothroyd to be our patron and [...]

Currently showing at…

  • We are tremendously excited to be finally opening in Scotland, the furthest north the portraits have travelled so far!   The show will be exhibited between two venues: The Wardlaw Museum and The Laidlaw Music centre (details below). The two exhibition venues are a walkable, 10 minute distance from each other so you can enjoy all 100 portraits in the same day or spread your visit over a couple of days. Over half the striking, full-size, original framed portraits will be exhibited and the [...]


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