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This is where you can get involved with First Women, sharing personal stories and pictures from your own family album.

The First Women Archive Collection on HistoryPin

The aim of the archive is to be a collection of photographs from the past 100 years showing women at work, rest and play, creating a wider historical context for the First Women Portrait Collection.

This is an opportunity for everyone to contribute archival material that will allow their ancestors to live on in the First Women project and to become an educational resource for others. If you have a photographic image of your mother, your grand-mother or another female relative who is “of their time” – perhaps working in a bygone profession (for example in the typing pool in the fifties or sixties, “below stairs” in the 1900s in a grand house or even in a Second World War munitions factory) – please scan your images and  visit our history pin collection and add your images in the relevant category.

Download our instruction guide here.

With special thanks to Cosmic for helping develop our HistoryPin Archive.

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