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Visible Girls – Join the Search

As part of my documentary collection for First Women, I want to recreate my Visible Girls collection from 1981.

The collection was a series of double portraits looking at girls in subcultures; mods, rockers, skins, rastas, new romantics, rockabillies, punks and women in the women’s movement.  Intimate portraits of friends, sisters and lovers between the ages of 16-22, in and around London.

33 years on I want to recreate these portraits and ask the women…how far have we come?

How you can help?

I’m in contact with some of these women, but I need your help to find the rest…

perhaps they are your mother, your sister or your friend?

Please click or share the link to these images to see if you or your family or friends recognise these inspirational women and if you have any information please contact me at info@1stwomenuk.co.uk

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