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Resonance FM’s special episodes dedicated to Anita’s Career

London-based arts radio station, Resonance FM is airing two special episodes of their flagship female chat show, Very Loose Women, dedicated to Anita’s career and her quest to reunite with the women she photographed over 30 years ago in London’s subcultures, as we ask listeners: Are you one of the lost ‘Visible Girls’?

Over 30 years after photographing women in London’s 80s subcultures for her photo-project Visible Girls, award-winning photographer Anita wants to recreate the portraits and ask her subjects: ‘How far have we come?’ With the help of Buzzfeed and social media, over 140,000 people have already shared her story and some of the women have come forward, but Anita is still looking for some of her subjects and is asking Londoners to help.

To further the search,  Resonance FM will broadcast for the first time interviews with the women recorded in 1980-81 but never heard before in public, revealing a unique insight into the lives of punks, rastas, skins and many other women in early 80s London in the hope that these women will come forward.

Episode 1: Wednesday 17th September, 2014 at 10.30-11pm

The first episode focuses on Anita’s search for the lost ‘Visible Girls’, forming her own identity as a young woman, and the relationship between the Visible Girls photo-series and her current groundbreaking project First Women. Previously unaired interviews with the ‘Visible Girls’ provide a first-hand insight into the female subcultures of mods, rockabillies, new romantics, punks, rastas and women in and around the women’s movement living in London.

Episode 2: Wednesday 24th September 2014 at 10.30-11pm

In the second episode, recorded at Port Eliot Festival in July 2014, Anita joins Brighton-based film-maker Toby Amies – whose documentary film The Man Whose Mind Exploded has achieved critical acclaim – in a discussion on the influences behind their work, building relationships with their subjects, and the effects of digital technology and social media upon art.




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