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First Women Portrait Featured in BBC’s Fern Britton Meets…

Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin

In a particularly inspiring 1 hour episode of Fern Britton Meets…, First Women’s portrait of Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin is featured documented her becoming the First Woman Speaker’s Chaplain to the House of Commons since 1660.

In this frank and uplifting interview Rev Rose talked passionately about her upbringing and experiences amongst communities and how quiet determination has led her towards her achievements.

“When things are challenging you go back to your roots”

This was a time when members of the church were not sure how they felt about women in ministry or indeed black women in leadership, yet Rev Rose was not afraid to tackle these feelings head on

“I am very content with myself…if you’re unhappy with me because I’m a woman or I’m black then you’re free to go”

instead through working with communities in times of hardship she grew her congregation and in turn, her reputation in tackling challenging situations.

The photograph is shown (34.38min into the programme) whilst talking about her being invited to be one of the chaplains to her majesty the Queen. During the interview Rose reveals how a dream as a teenager led her from Montego Bay, Jamaica, to Westminster and the heart of the British establishment.

To watch the programme in full on BBC iplayer click here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09k7xhh

To read our own interview with Rev Rose click here:  https://1stwomenuk.co.uk/2016/01/20/interview-with-reverend-rose/


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