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How your organisation can partner with First Women

As part of the 2018 celebrations we have a range of corporate packages available including, sponsorship, media partnerships and exclusive events.

Our sponsorship opportunities are for the world premier exhibition and UK tour primarily, but we are also interested in connecting with organisations that would fund the education arm of First Women UK or become annual donors.

It is important to us that we actively collaborate with our sponsors so that we have an organic relationship. We want to explore potential with organisations that share our values – working together to educate and inspire through as many innovative channels as possible.

Click here to read or download the Sponsorship Packages available.

 Sponsorship Benefits

At this particular time in our history First Women UK is championing values that are at the very forefront of media and public attention. Safeguarding our right to choose, succeed, be change-makers and make our way in the world regardless of gender is, more than ever, in the international spotlight.

Partnership with this exhibition demonstrates a commitment to the development of diversity and the cultivation of the pioneering spirit in the UK.

It also links your business with a commitment to a paradigm shift in education so that anyone, regardless of gender can feel inspired to be the best they can be.

‘Anything that enables other women is a great thing. It’s so important that we make it easier for all women to believe it’s possible to achieve their goals.’  Dany Cotton, First Woman to be Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade.

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