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First Women of The Water – First Women:LIVE! 6th July

Our next Zoomcast features two bold females who regularly go head-to-head with the elements. On 6th July, we welcome to the Zoomcast Beth French, First Woman (indeed, the first person ever) to swim from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly. Joining her in conversation is adventurer, Sarah Outen, First Woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean.

Tune in with us and these pioneering females for our regular, live online interview and audience Q&A on Tuesday, 6th July, 18.30-19.30, hosted by Anita Corbin.
If you are unfamiliar with First Women:LIVE!, the formula is simple: we invite two women featured in the 100 First Women Portraits exhibition collection to join us (and you!) for a live discussion session in which the audience actively participate.
The Firsts share their experiences, anecdotes, stories and inspirational wisdom and then we open the floor for your questions. And even better?  This event is absolutely free!
By registering (see below), you will then automatically receive the invite to join the Zoomcast every 6-8 weeks. All you have to do is click the link on the day and time of the live broadcast and you can simply sit back with a brew and listen – or get involved and put your questions to the Firsts.

Our virtual doors will open just before 6.30pm BST on Tuesday 6th July. Join us!

Beth and Sarah have both had films made about their achievements. Find out more:
Sarah –  https://www.sarahoutenhome.com/about-the-film

Beth –  https://www.againstthetidesfilm.com/about and http://bethfrench.co.uk

 How Do I Register?

It couldn’t be easier. Email your request to join the call along with your name and home country/county to: anita@1stwomenuk.co.uk.
In the few days prior to the event, you will receive the Zoom link to join – absolutely free! Sign up for the 1stwomenuk.co.uk newsletter to receive first alerts as to who our guests will be each session.

‘Fantastic’, ‘Fascinating’, ‘Uplifting’ – First Women:LIVE! The Zoom Lockdown Phenomenon!

When Covid-19 restricted access to the arts and closed the galleries, we had to come up with a plan. How could we continue to offer access to these 100 inspirational women?
The answer came in a simple formula: Zoom, two Firsts, an eager audience and 60 minutes of questions – First Women:LIVE! was born. And you supported our experiment whole-heartedly. Below we include just a few of your lovely comments on your experiences. Huge thanks to all of our FW:L! regulars – we couldn’t do it without you.

‘Just to say what a fantastic session this evening – I thoroughly enjoyed it!’ – Jackie

‘A friend has just introduced me to First Women:LIVE! How I wish I had known about it before’ – Di

‘Your efforts have brought some joy and comfort to many in isolation during this pandemic’ – Clive

‘I am so enjoying these chats – you are doing amazing work…I have the First Women book, but ‘real’ is better!’ – Sandra

‘Great people, great experience, fab questions too!’ – Pauline

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