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First Women’s Anita Corbin announced as one of the Judges for D&AD New Blood

Anita continues her inspirational journey in the creative sector as she is announced as one of this years D&AD Judges. Anita explained to potential entrants why this was particularly important to her, commenting,

‘I am really excited to be judging the New Blood category for D&AD this year: this is the time when, as a young creative, you are finding your niche. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged on all sides by tutors and mentors. You are selecting your path, refining what you’re discovering about your own artistic process and there is so much freedom!
Being immersed in that sense of freedom for one’s creativity to breathe is a gift for me as a judge. The power of it, the uniqueness…I am reminded how much it has to be continually nurtured – not just in your 20s, but years down the line when being a student is a distant memory! That’s how one continues to produce images that stand the test of time.

For me, after 30 years of commercial photographic work, client briefs and the demands of the world that can somewhat curb one’s creative process, it is important to encourage that expansive energy.

My ‘First Women’ project is garnering that freshness and expansion again making the project really come to life. Being around these students and their work really supports my reconnection to that!
At the same time, there is a reciprocity; I can offer the participants input and support, having walked the road they are about to take. I can share my insights to help them more successfully navigate their creative path once it is subject to the world and the fluctuating levels of freedom and space placed on their process by trends, the art world, employment and client demands. And that feels really good to me.

Also, my intention is to bring another perspective to the judge’s bench – another flavour of feedback to the work being shown. Something less industry-led, but that remains authentic and still has 30 years of industry experience behind it

On a final, synchronistic note, myself and my husband John O’Grady photographed 100’s of D&AD judges back in the 1990s! It’s incredible to think that, once upon a time, I was shooting the creme de la creme of the art & design world – and now, how humbling to be invited to take a seat amongst their ranks! To be amongst all that new, growing talent, who are arguably in the phase of producing some of their best work; work that in 30 years time may well still be relevant and inspirational. I can’t wait to get stuck in!’

To track progress and read more about the judging process click here 

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